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How this all started...

In 2016, David Folwell was helping a few agencies with their digital marketing. All the firms were running into the same problem. They needed more qualified candidates ASAP.

He identified referrals as the highest quality and lowest cost source of talent. And then set out to build a new type of sourcing software.

In 2017, Staffing Referrals launched the first automated referral management (ARM) platform designed for staffing agencies. Since then, thousands of recruiters have used Staffing Referrals to connect top talent with the perfect job.

Now, Staffing Referrals helps agencies worldwide track, manage, and scale their referral program.

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Our Team

At Staffing Referrals, we believe that the best hires start with a referral. And we’re not alone. Staffing agencies rate referrals as the highest quality, fastest time-to-hire, and most cost-effective source for new talent.

David Folwell Staffing Referrals

David Folwell
Founder & President

Joey Olson - Staffing Software

Joey Olson
VP of Revenue Operations

Rachelle Carpenter

Rachelle Arnold
VP of Customer Experience

Hilary Smith-Baker Staffing Referrals

Hilary Baker
Director of Strategic Growth

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