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The Only Automated Referral Management Platform (ARM)
Designed Specifically for Staffing Firms

Automate & Scale Your Referral Program

Staffing Referrals is the first automated referral management platform built for the recruiting industry.

Their platform transforms your entire workforce into recruiters.

By taking your referral program digital, you empower your brand ambassadors to spread the word about your company. 

Staffing Referrals partners with top staffing firms across all verticals: healthcare, IT & engineering, industrial, light clerical, marketing & creative, and administrative & office.

Our Team

David Folwell
Founder & President

David Folwell is the president and founder of Staffing Referrals, the only automated referral management platform designed specifically for staffing firms. 

He holds a Master’s in marketing, worked for GE in their post-MBA leadership development program, and is an advisor for multiple technology startups.

For fun, David runs ultra-marathons, listens to Tim Ferris podcasts, skis, and travels.


Brandon Andrean
VP of Customer Success

Brandon Andrean brings over 9 years of staffing experience to the team. He excels at making our customers successful on our platform by ensuring that each and every partner sees an ROI on our referral system.

For fun, Brandon crushes his friends in fantasy football and spends time with his daughter. He's a family guy with passion for making people happy. 


Joey Olson
Director of Business Development

Joey Olson - Staffing Software

Staffing industry expert with three years of experience helping firms solve their biggest challenges with applicant tracking systems and sourcing solutions. 

Joey is a team player who has experience coaching division 1 hockey teams, personal training, and working market development representative at Concur.

For fun, Joey renovates homes, watches all things related to hockey, and tracks stocks.  




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