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Why modern staffing agencies love Staffing Referrals

Stop wasting time reminding your recruiters to talk about the referral program and instead focus their time on building meaningful relationships with your talent.

With Staffing Referrals, we automate the referral outreach, and the referral tracking so that your team doesn’t need to spend time on the administrative work.

When you implement Staffing Referrals you get a new level of personalization and direct engagement with the talent that helps your staffing firm scale faster.

That’s why some of the fastest-growing and largest staffing firms trust us to help manage their referral program.

Benefits for you and your team:

Get up to 2x more referrals

Automatically source qualified talent from your existing database

Grow your agency

Harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing to grow faster

Improve the candidate experience

Build trust with real-time referral status updates

Don’t leave follow-up to chance

Use automation to reach every referral lead

Stop wasting money on job boards

Access passive talent through your candidates’ digital networks

Lead the digital transformation

Implement the right staffing software to grow faster

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