Avionté & Staffing Referrals

Integrate Your ATS with the #1 Referral Software

Harness the power of Staffing Referrals directly in Avionté. Automatically capture, sync, and update your referral data in your ATS. No need for your recruiters to learn a new system.


Benefits of Integrating Avionté with Staffing Referrals

  • Automatically promote your referral program to your applicant pool with email and SMS
  • Eliminate manual tasks for tracking and managing your referral program
  • Get more referrals by creating a better candidate experience

How the Integration Works

  • Invites talent to become ambassadors based on their status in Avionté
  • Syncs organic referrals (referrals that come in verbally, over the phone, etc.) into Staffing Referrals
  • Syncs referral data to Avionté and adds notes to existing records
  • Updates referral candidate status in Staffing Referrals based on talent status in Avionté
  • Creates new referral candidates in Avionté
  • Uses accrued hours to determine when referral bonuses are ready to be paid

Let's Work Together

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