Staffing Referrals + Bullhorn to Automate Your Referral Program

Staffing Referrals seamlessly integrates into your Bullhorn ATS, providing powerful automation, tracking, and real-time visibility into your referral program.

automate your referral program

Increase placements by equipping recruiters with powerful automation tools

Get more referrals from your candidates and their network

Track referrals in your ATS

Eliminate manual processes by tracking and managing your referral program directly from Bullhorn

Automate referral marketing

Improve the candidate and client experience by automating email and text messages that spread the word about your referral program

Book qualified meetings

Automatically send meeting invitations to qualified candidates through note actions in Bullhorn.

"Implementation with Bullhorn was a piece of cake."

– Tara Sprakel, Chief Marketing Technologist,
Fusion Medical Staffing

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