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Automating Your Referral Program: How to Turn Your Talent Pool into Commission-Only Recruiters for Your Agency

Join us Thursday, April 6 at 10 PT / 11 MT / 12 CT / 1 ET

The digital transformation has come for your referral program. The “old way” of recruiters asking for one-off referrals and then managing the leads via spreadsheets is ineffective, inefficient, and leads to a poor candidate experience. The “new way” leverages the power of social media and digital networks to turn your talent pool into commission-only recruiters for your agency.

This webinar introduces automated referral management (ARM), the new must-have addition to your staffing tech stack. In it, you’ll learn:

  • How digital referral programs work
  • How leading agencies use digital ARM software to get more leads and reduce administrative burden
  • How to automate your referral program

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David Folwell Headshot

David Folwell is the president and founder of Staffing Referrals, the leading automated referral management (ARM) platform designed specifically for staffing firms. He is also the host of The Staffing Show podcast by Staffing Hub.

As an avid tech enthusiast, David is constantly helping businesses overcome their biggest challenges so they can grow faster. He is an advisor for multiple technology startups and is an active participant in staffing industry events around the country.

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