Herefish Puts Staffing Referrals on Steroids

In this clip from the webinar How to Get Automated Referrals With Bullhorn & Staffing Referrals, Anastasia Valentine, President & Managing Partner, Resource 1, discusses how Herefish and Staffing Referrals can automate referral outreach off of candidate source in your ATS.


David: Tell us a little bit about how you’re using Staffing Referrals and Herefish as a whole — any specific use cases that you have that have been super impactful, let’s talk a little bit about how you’re using the two platforms, and Anastasia, I will let you kick this one off.

Anastasia: Herefish is a rules-based platform. On this topic, it ties back into the previous topic, how do you control communication with Herefish?

So, your data, and how you do your data, and where you put your data is critical to communicating and controlling communication.

So in our example, a status maybe, in the case of Staffing Referrals and Herefish — we may have a petition go out for our R1 alumni, so we might pick a status of R1 alumni, and we’ll go out and target our alumni on a big push through Herefish on Staffing Referrals.

We may go out through qualified individuals. We may go out to people that are currently working with us. And we divide our communication up specifically by the status that people are in, and we also communicate primarily with Herefish basically off the source, as well. So, we may look at the source, and say, “Where is this person from? This person came from Staffing Referrals.”

Because every time someone comes into our ATS, they automatically, through our technology, are marked in the source as “Staffing Referrals.”

This is the power of the integration, is that when your data is coming in, and if it’s marked the right way, Herefish is fabulous at then grabbing that data and launching out communication outbound and then receiving it back inbound into your environment.

I guess, the best way I could tell you, that’s exactly how I’m using it.

It’s not hard, but it is important that everybody understands that no matter what tool you use, you always want to make sure you understand what’s coming into the database, and how you’re going to grab that information and communicate going outbound.

And, so that’s the best way to answer the question, is that’s how we use guys.

It works on its own. So, take some time and think about your flow. And then you can implement Herefish to really put Staffing Referrals on steroids.

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