How Manual Referral Programs Can Kill Candidate Relationships

In this clip from the webinar How to Get Automated Referrals With Bullhorn & Staffing Referrals, Tim Glennie, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, BridgeView IT, discusses the problems that Staffing Referrals, Bullhorn, and Herefish helped to solve. He discusses the negative brand impact of missed referrals that can occur with analog referral programs.


David: What problems have these platforms help you solve? We’ll go ahead and start it off with you, Tim, back to you.

Tim: Yeah, so, I think one of the big problems that they’ve helped solve is taking something in our business where there’s a lot of manual process and that can lead to bad documentation of how you’re handling things. If you look at if you have a manual process for running referrals, one of the worst things that could ever happen is, if you get a great referral, go through the process, and they get placed, but the person referred doesn’t find out — or worse, they don’t get a bonus. That will just kill any — that will create a real bad situation with that person. So, this takes that risk away, which I think is #1.

The second piece, if somebody takes the time to refer somebody over, and then they find out they never got contacted — again, it just creates really bad press for your company because they’re thinking they’re they’re helping you out and it’s not going to be a fit every time with every referral, but you’re not always planning for today. You’re planning for tomorrow, down the road. If they do fit your business, this person thought they would be good, it’s really important to go out there and build a relationship with that person.

And I think, just another big thing is, you just look at the things that maybe your team doesn’t like to do or they aren’t good at doing and can you automate that? Help get that done and get them doing what do they really want to do. And to me, that’s how I usually find great successes is when you have people doing with the really great at and letting them do that. And then if you automate the other things, you usually get a really nice outcome.

David: Great point, and talking about the transparency component of this, that’s actually one of the original problems we were trying to solve. At TravCon, a few years in a row, I was talking to travel nurses, asking about referrals, and heard horror stories: “I referred my friend, found out they were working there 6 months later. I’m never talking to that company again. I didn’t get paid a bonus, they didn’t follow up with me.”

So I think adding that transparency to the process can be valuable as well.

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