How Recruiter Automation With Herefish Helps Tech Recruiters Get in Touch With Candidates Faster

In this clip from the webinar How to Get Automated Referrals With Bullhorn & Staffing Referrals, Tim Glennie, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, BridgeView IT, discusses how crucial referrals are for building relationships, the role of automation in increasing his recruiters’ productivity, and how Bullhorn is his single source of truth.


Tim: I’ll start with Herefish. The problem they were solving is, we’re in the technology space, and it’s been really low tech unemployment for 6 years.

And so, candidates are just hearing from everybody all the time, and one of the challenges for recruiters — they reach out a certain amount of time and there’s fatigue from leaving messages or emails, and when we’re able to start them on nurturing campaigns within Herefish and really base it on actions.

So, if we’d left a message for somebody after certain amount of days, put them in this automation so the recruiters can keep trying to reach out to other folks and then these folks that they’ve already identified — we’re getting good communications out to them to further the process. We’ve had really good success with that.

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