How Staffing Referrals Makes Referrals Easy for Candidates

In this clip from the webinar How to Get Automated Referrals With Bullhorn & Staffing Referrals, Alicia Ghannad, Marketing Manager, MAS Medical Staffing, discusses how Staffing Referrals helps recruiters and talent alike get the digital resources to connect talent quickly and easily to the jobs they want.


Alicia: Digital transformation with MAS — a couple years ago, we started saying, “Hey, what is in our tech stack? What are we using? And what does it bring? What’s the ROI on that?”

And last year, referrals were one of our top lead sources, and we were not tracking it.

It was just kind of happening. Word of mouth was happening. Nurses were referring people to us, to their recruiters.

The biggest thing with us is relationship with the recruiter. It’s a long-term relationship that a traveler is having with the recruiter. And we weren’t tracking our referrals.

And bringing on Staffing Referrals and allowing all this digital automation to happen on the back end — it’s giving resources to not only our recruiters, but it’s giving resources to our field staff and our nurses and our allied health professionals to talk about us openly, to send links out — it’s not just word of mouth anymore.

They’re talking about us and being able to send out some type of link, some type of resources. They can send out resources so their friends can easily apply and easily get that conversation going with the recruiter.

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