Integrating Staffing Referrals Was as "Seamless as a Click of a Button”

In this clip from the webinar How to Get Automated Referrals With Bullhorn & Staffing Referrals, Alicia Ghannad, Marketing Manager, MAS Medical Staffing, discusses how her firm chooses the best technology that doesn’t disrupt recruiter workflows and how easy it was to implement Staffing Referrals.


Alicia: With technology with us, like I said, the past couple years, I have taken many demos, and we’ve looked at many different technology programs that we could potentially use, and the biggest thing with us has always been “What does that integration look like with Bullhorn? And how can we run this on the backend without shaking up everybody’s day to day?”

Staffing Referrals, from our first couple calls, the integration was almost as seamless as a click of a button. And that’s what I wanted. I didn’t want to take on a new program, this new technology, and spend all this money, and then our recruiters aren’t utilizing it, or they forgot about it.

And this is running on the backend, like I said, for our recruiters. It’s all invited through email and automation. So, we’re not shaking up anyone’s day to day.

And it’s just a benefit for our recruiters to be able to be using these programs.

So, Anastasia, you’re spot on — adapting to this technology is the most important part for any team.

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