It Doesn’t Take Anyone Any Effort to Adopt Staffing Referrals

In this clip from the webinar How to Get Automated Referrals With Bullhorn & Staffing Referrals, Anastasia Valentine, President & Managing Partner, Resource 1, discusses how Staffing Referrals makes it easy to increase your referrals with very little behavioral change from your recruiters.


Anastasia: Is it a seamless integration? And is the data of transparent? What I’ve noticed is that people tend to adopt technology when it’s an easy adoption.

And so, whatever it is, you want to make it fluid within your ATS or CRM, wherever you’re putting it in there, and you want to make it transparent.

And then people have a tendency as they’re going through their screen as they’re qualified candidate.

It’s really easy to click on our button and say, “Would you like to be part of our Staffing Referral program?” Yes! Click, boom — right from the ATS that workflow starts, or right from our signature tag, or right in our website.

So, the technology that you add has to nurture itself and be a minimal disruption to the flow of someone’s primary work, and then I find that they’re more willing to accept it and adopt it.

But you can’t build a huge architecture with special rules for 10, 15, 20 pieces of software. It has to all be one fluid environment.

And that’s really what I believe digital transformation starts to look like when you start building your technology. It just becomes part of the ecosystem.

David: And, Anastasia — I have to give you credit and thanks — part of our product development with Staffing Referrals was actually guided by Anastasia in terms of building the process for invites and the management of Staffing Referrals directly into the ATS and trying to make it so there’s as little recruiter behavioral change as possible. That was all guidance from you and appreciate your your foresight on that.

Anastasia: It looks fabulous, we love it.

Not only can we see in the ATS who we’ve invited, we can also see in the ATS, through David’s development, whose accepted and whose in the program.

So every candidate that you’re going through, you can see whether they’ve been invited and whether they’re currently participating. And you can look in the notes and see all of the Herefish campaigns that have been sent out in conjunction with Staffing Referrals for all of our programming and communication. So it’s all right there in Bullhorn.

It’s all transparent.

It’s fabulous.

It doesn’t take anyone any effort to adopt Staffing Referrals.

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