This post features an excerpt from an article published by BHN Rewards on October 26, 2022: “7 Reasons Your Staffing Agency Should Use Virtual Gift Cards to Pay Referral Bonuses.

Deciding how to reward your ambassadors is one of the most common challenges when setting up a referral program. Most referral program participants prefer monetary rewards, but check payments can bog down the payment process and leave your ambassadors waiting.

Virtual gift cards offer several advantages over other reward types. They’re not only faster and easier to deliver, but they create a memorable experience with your brand:

Sure, you could just add a little extra money to your employee’s paycheck to reward their referrals — but would they even notice? That money goes straight into their bank account, meaning they’re likely to spend it out on everyday things like rent, bills, and groceries.

A gift card, on the other hand, creates a memorable experience that people will associate with your brand. That money is set aside so ambassadors can treat themselves to something special, rather than use it to cover expenses.

Check out the full article to learn more about the benefits of using gift cards for referral rewards.