In today’s competitive grab for talent, referrals are gold — 48% of staffing firms consider referrals their most effective lead source.

Like many staffing firms, Delta Locum Tenens was having trouble generating and tracking their referrals. Individual recruiters solicited candidates for referrals and reached out when they thought of it — but results were inconsistent.

That changed when Delta Locum Tenens started using Staffing Referrals, the only referral platform designed for staffing firms. Within the first month of using the platform, the staffing company increased the number of referrals they generated, improved their candidate experience, and saw a clear ROI.

“In just one month of using the platform, Staffing Referrals has already more than paid for itself”

– James Heil, Regional Vice President of Delta Locum Tenens.

Here’s how.


Delta Locum Tenens was losing revenue through an ineffective manual referral process.

Before implementing Staffing Referrals, Delta Locum Tenens tracked all of their referrals in an Excel spreadsheet. It was up to individual recruiters to solicit referrals from their networks and to promote their referral program. As a result, follow-up was inconsistent and Delta’s official referral program died off almost entirely — candidates only used it when they thought to ask about it.

Also, without clear documentation, it was difficult to prove that a candidate referred another candidate. This made for a sometimes tense back and forth between referrers and their recruiters — and created a poor candidate experience.

This all added up to lost revenue — recruiters’ time wasted, potential candidates lost, and active candidates left unsatisfied with their experience.


By implementing Staffing Referrals, Delta Locum Tenens grew their referrals pool, improved their candidate experience, motivated their recruiters, and saw a clear ROI.

By implementing Staffing Referrals, Delta Locum Tenens generated many additional referrals. What’s more, they got a new active placement in their trial period with the software.

“We got a placement in our first 30 days of using the platform.”

“Not only that, but without the referral, we wouldn’t have been able to staff the contract. With the referral program, we were quickly able to provide coverage for the hospital.”

Delta Locum Tenens was also able to gain more insight into the referral capacity of their existing network and to discover which of their recruiters had the best referral rates.

“Our #1 rep is #1 in referrals, and no one realized that because we didn’t have a system to track it,” said Heil. “Staffing Referrals is going to elevate all our recruiters by providing an easy-to-understand, simple way to generate and track referrals.”

By giving recruiters a system that allows them to track referrals and making the referrals process transparent from start to finish, Heil found more buy-in from both his recruiters and Delta Locum Tenens’ candidates. “It encouraged more candidates to submit referrals because it legitimized the referrals process,” said Heil.

Looking to the future, Heil sees the partnership with Staffing Referrals and other technology solutions integral to Delta Locum Tenens’ continued success.

“We’ll get more placements and we’ll generate more revenue with Staffing Referrals, that’s for sure.”

“We’re one of the top 10 locums firms, but for us to be able to grow and continue to outpace other companies, we have to take advantage of technologies like Staffing Referrals and make good use of them. Otherwise, we’ll get left behind.”

About Delta Locum Tenens

Delta Locum Tenens matches qualified physician and mid-level providers on behalf of healthcare facilities to fill short and long-term assignments. You will work with one personal consultant–assigned to you–who will match you with the best temporary practice opportunities nationwide. With flexibility, travel and few administrative responsibilities, you choose the time and place that’s right for you.

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About Staffing Referrals

The only referral platform designed for the staffing and recruiting industry, Staffing Referrals helps staffing firms find more qualified candidates without hiring more recruiters. Customers get up to 20% more referral leads after implementation.