CCS Construction Staffing is no stranger to strategies that scale. Clearing nearly $43 million in 2017 with just 43 employees, they have made the prestigious Inc. 5000 list of the country’s fastest-growing companies for seven consecutive years. Their recruiters are laser-focused on the leaderboard that dominates their office, and they have a rigorous software vetting process. So, only the tech tools that help them grow, and grow fast, will make the cut.

Matt Telmanik, the president of CCS, knew that referrals are where the money is. “Referrals are our most profitable source of leads. Candidates aren’t going to refer someone who makes them look bad — they’re only going to pass along people who can get the job done.”

CCS had a pretty successful referral program that was bringing in some leads. But it had its problems:

  1. The program wasn’t consistently promoted
  2. They didn’t have a reliable process for tracking referrals
  3. The program lacked transparency — candidates didn’t have insight into why their bonuses weren’t being paid out
  4. Their team spent 5 to 10 hours per month tracking down referrals from recruiters’ emails
  5. The program relied on traditional word of mouth referrals without leveraging the networking power of the internet

When Telmanik heard about the referral software Staffing Referrals, he was intrigued. “Staffing Referrals took our referral program to the next level. They made an okay referral program great,” said Telmanik.

CCS boosted their referral placements 27% in just three months of using Staffing Referrals.

As a company with strict standards for the tech tools they adopt, CCS was looking for quick evidence that the digital referral platform provided an ROI.

Within the first 90 days of implementing Staffing Referrals, CCS saw a 27% increase in referral placements. “We’ve seen a steady increase in referral placements already. I expect to see these numbers continue to skyrocket in the next year. Our team loves the platform,” said Telmanik.

They saved recruiters’ time and energy.

With Staffing Referrals, CCS cut time spent on manually tracking and following up with leads. They slashed their time spent on referrals from 5 – 10 hours per month to 2 – 4 hours per month.

“The value of Staffing Referrals is more than just increased placements. That’s money in the bank, of course, but even if our referrals were steady, I’d stick with Staffing Referrals because they take all the headaches out of our referral program,” said Telmanik.

They streamlined their referral program by automating outreach.

CCS had one of the highest referral bonuses in the construction staffing space — but many of their temp employees didn’t know about it. Staffing Referrals automated referral outreach for CCS so they could be sure that every qualified lead was in the know about the program — without causing more work for CCS recruiters.

“Staffing Referrals simplified our program from top to bottom by automating our referral outreach,” said Telmanik. “A lot of the labor and temp employees we work with didn’t know about our referral program, and Staffing Referrals really helped us promote and publicize it.”

Staffing Referrals helped CCS implement simple, efficient, consistent outreach to their existing network, closing loopholes CCS had in candidate communication.

Their recruiters loved that the referrals leaderboard drove competition.

With a team that loves healthy competition, another metric to measure success is a boon. The Staffing Referrals leaderboard was that extra incentive recruiters wanted to push their referrals to the next level.  

Staffing Referrals also made our referral program more fun,” said Telmanik, “Their referral leaderboard really taps into our team’s drive to compete with each other.”

They gained clear insight into their referral pipeline with Staffing Referrals’ customized dashboards.

One of the biggest problems CCS had with their referral program was that candidates and those they referred often had trouble knowing where they were in the process. Maybe a candidate referred a friend who ended up already being in CCS’s pipeline. Or perhaps info about a referral didn’t make into the ATS. Staffing Referrals took the guesswork out of the referral process and gave everyone — executives, recruiters, and candidates — a clear picture.

“Staffing Referrals makes everything more transparent for our contractors. That really helps candidates understand that we’re all working together when it comes to referrals. I love paying out referral bonuses because they help everyone out.”

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