This post features excerpts from a Bullhorn article published on September 9, 2022: “Link Referral Automation With Your ATS to Source More Talent Faster.”

From reducing hiring costs to creating a better candidate experience, there are numerous benefits to having a referral program. But what if you get even more highly qualified candidates to fill your jobs without adding more work for your recruiters?

Bullhorn recently published an article from Rachelle Arnold, our VP of Customer Experience here at Staffing Referrals, on how integrating automated referral management with your ATS can take your referral program to new heights. This integration makes the referral process easier and less time consuming for your recruiters while preventing issues like missed referrals, unreliable data, and unpaid brand ambassadors.

Automated referral management integration allows recruiting teams to track and manage referrals, automate email and text messaging, and send meeting invitations directly from your ATS. Your team will have easy access to all their referral-related conversations, text messages, and notes without jumping over to another platform.

So it doesn’t feel like bringing in a whole new software, just expanding the functionality of an established system.

Check out the full article for more insights into referral automation and ATS integration.