Integrating automated referral management (ARM) and your ATS system can revolutionize your talent acquisition efforts by expanding your reach, decreasing your dependency on job boards, and automating manual processes.

In a recent webinar, Staffing Referrals President and CEO David Folwell joined Scott Poeschl, VP of Avionté+, Avionté; Danny Minor, President / Partner at Allegiance Staffing; and Steph Shanahan, Director of Operations at Staffworks Group to discuss how staffing firms can harness the power of the Staffing Referrals and Avionté integration.

Below is a summary of the key topics benefits they discussed. You can also watch the full webinar here.

Improving recruiter productivity  

Staffing Referrals helps your team source, engage, and place qualified candidates faster. It automatically promotes your referral program, qualifies talent, and makes it easy to track and manage candidates through the referral process.

With the Staffing Referrals and Avionté integration, recruiters can do all of their work in the ATS, supported by the automations running behind the scenes. The integration is bidirectional, meaning that you can make an update in either Avionté or Staffing Referrals and the data will sync across the two systems. This saves recruiters time and increases their productivity.

“Staffing Referrals is like having another recruiter in your office.” ~Steph Shanahan, Director of Operations at Staffworks Group

Eliminating manual tracking

The biggest problem with manual referrals is that tracking them is a headache – recruiters have to remember to update spreadsheets, calculate bonuses, and let payroll know when they need to be paid. And, as with all manual processes, it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks.

“Before we had Staffing Referrals, our referral process was complex and confusing. There was a lot of manual tracking, which took time away from our recruiters and our payroll department. Staffing Referrals allows us to focus more on taking care of our employees so we can expand, grow, and share our referral program nationwide.” ~Danny Minor, President / Partner at Allegiance Staffing

“Prior to Staffing Referrals, our referral program was chaos. We had a spreadsheet for every branch, and it was really hard to track hours and pay bonuses. Now, Staffing Referrals does all of the hard work for us.” ~Steph Shanahan, Director of Operations at Staffworks Group

Decreasing sourcing costs

As job boards are becoming more expensive, a strong referral program can help agencies lower their sourcing costs.

“We’ve been able to decrease our spend on Indeed and ZipRecruiter because we fill so many orders with just referrals.” ~Steph Shanahan, Director of Operations at Staffworks Group

Plus, every dollar you spend on referral bonuses is a dollar you’re investing in nurturing relationships with talent, and those relationships can pay off significantly.

“We recently had an ASAP order for 100 people in Toledo, which is a tough order to fill. We filled 50% of it with only referrals. One ambassador made almost $3,000 just referring people to this job. We only had to do half the work that we would normally have to do because he brought us people and made sure everyone showed up. It was amazing!” ~Steph Shanahan, Director of Operations at Staffworks Group

Simplifying referral bonus payouts

The integration also simplifies the payout of referral bonuses in a number of ways. First, the hours report from Avionté feeds into Staffing Referrals, so it’s easy to determine when a referral bonus needs to be paid. Staffing Referrals also offers the ability to send gift cards directly in the platform.

“Staffing Referrals automatically pays out gift cards. The employee gets a link that takes them directly to their gift card, and we can track them all so no gift cards go missing.” ~Steph Shanahan, Director of Operations at Staffworks Group

Improving the talent experience

Staffing Referrals automatically invites talent to join the referral program and sends messages regularly to nurture the relationship. It also sends messages to candidates to help them through the hiring process.

“It makes a really good impression when the candidate is contacted almost immediately after being referred. Staffing Referrals helps us differentiate ourselves by showing candidates that we’re here for them and care about their experience.” ~Danny Minor, President / Partner at Allegiance Staffing

In addition, ambassadors have visibility into where all of their referrals are in the process, which increases trust and saves recruiters from getting phone calls from people asking about the status of their referrals.

“In the past, our employees got their bonus in their paycheck, but these days a lot of people don’t even look at their pay stubs. Staffing Referrals provides visibility into referral bonuses, which highlights their success and also motivates them to send us more referrals.” ~Danny Minor, President / Partner at Allegiance Staffing

Gaining new clients

Having a strong referral program is a competitive advantage for staffing agencies looking for new clients because it illustrates the strength of their talent network.

“We use Staffing Referrals as a selling tool. We can show prospects how many ambassadors we have, how many referrals we get, and how many of those referrals we place. This gives us a powerful advantage because our prospects can see that we have a large network of high-quality talent.” ~Danny Minor, President / Partner at Allegiance Staffing

Referrals also have higher redeployment rates, which means recruiters can focus more on new job orders.

“With referrals, retention is higher and turnover is lower. This helps our clients perform better and also means our recruiters can focus on serving new clients without being bogged down by replacing people over and over again.” ~Danny Minor, President / Partner at Allegiance Staffing

Staffing Referrals also integrates with other leading ATS platforms. To learn more about how automated referral management can help you get new business, increase productivity, lower sourcing costs, and more, request a demo.