When Doherty Staffing Solutions realized that managing their referral program manually was becoming a cumbersome, time-consuming process, they started a search for a way to automate and scale without burdening their recruiters. After evaluating other solutions, they decided to partner with Staffing Referrals because of the simple implementation process and a structure that would allow them to reach more ambassadors and generate more high quality referrals. 

“With the Staffing Referrals program, we have seen our ROI go from $58 for every $1 invested in our referral program to $73,” says Amy Giessinger, Doherty’s Vice President of Marketing. “So a 20% increase over two years.”

See the full video below to learn more about Doherty’s success, as well as some insights on successful Staffing Referrals implementation and how to build excitement around your referral program.