Voca is a relationship organization. Headquartered in Minnesota, the staffing company provides travel nurses, allied health professionals, and other workers to organizations across the country.

Voca doesn’t just place people in jobs; they help guide people on a career path that fulfills their purpose. While focusing on this important work, the recruiters often don’t have time for other activities, like asking for referrals. So, when Taylor Lambert, Voca’s Director of Client Partnerships, saw Staffing Referrals’ automated recruiting tools, he thought, “Oh, here’s a gap in our business.”

“If I can take a process away from any person, it’s better. Staffing Referrals automates our ability to get more referrals from our network.” ~Taylor Lambert, Director of Client Partnerships, Voca

“Prior to Staffing Referrals, we didn’t have a good way of being proactive with referrals from our candidates,” Lambert said. “Essentially, we only got referrals if recruiters were doing it for themselves. And we never want to be in a position where we’re relying solely on our recruiters for things like this. Our recruiters talk to way too many people to be in close communication with all of them. It’s the responsibility of the company to raise the floor.”

With Staffing Referrals, even recruiters who don’t proactively pursue referrals can take advantage of the automated messaging to expand their reach with their network. From there, the system tracks the referrals right up until it’s time to pay out bonuses.

“Ultimately, if we want to be able to grow as a business and take advantage of the network we already have, we need to take the onus off of the individual recruiter and bring it to the enterprise level. We raise the floor for everybody just by having this tool.” ~Taylor Lambert, Director of Client Partnerships, Voca

In the six months Voca has been using Staffing Referrals, they’ve received 525 referral leads, which have already resulted in 37 placements. This is a significant increase from before they implemented the tool. Lambert said that they were tracking referrals previously, but they never aggregated the data because the numbers were “negligible.”

Lambert also noted that referral leads are higher-quality and help recruiters build stronger candidate relationships. “There’s a lot of stability in getting leads from people you have relationships with versus calling somebody out of the blue who you’ve never worked with before. If you’ve worked with somebody and they refer someone they know to you, there’s more skin in the game for that person to work out.”

“Integrating Staffing Referrals with our ATS was far and away the easiest integration I’ve ever done.” ~Taylor Lambert, Director of Client Partnerships, Voca

One of the key benefits for Voca is how easily Staffing Referrals integrates with their ATS, JobDiva. Lambert is responsible for all of the company’s ATS integrations, and he was impressed by the ease of both the integration and onboarding processes. “I’m a big fan of the whole Staffing Referrals team,” he said. “Everything has been made very easy for us, and we’re happy to be using the platform.”