Your recruiters will make or break your referral program. If they’re not on board and not proactively promoting the program, you’ll find it difficult to generate referrals. But if candidates hear about the program and have a good experience working with your recruiters, they’re more likely to refer their friends to your agency.

Here’s how to give your team the tools they need to make the most of their existing candidate pool, so you can generate more leads and grow your business faster.

  • Train your recruiters on the importance of referrals. By making referral generation strategies part of your recruiters’ training, you’ll prime them to seize opportunities to make more connections. Consider sharing our Referral Program Best Practices & Benchmarks eBook with them as a comprehensive guide.
  • Make sure your recruiters are kind to every applicant regardless of qualifications or fit. Some of the most successful referrals come from people who didn’t take the job. Make sure your recruiters treat each candidate with respect so that your applicants will feel compelled to introduce their friends to your firm.
  • Review referral progress with your recruiters each week. This gives your recruiters the opportunity to share knowledge, address referral generation problems, and discuss what tactics have been most successful.
  • Set specific referral goals for every recruiter. Talking about generating referrals is a good start. But to drive positive change, hold recruiters accountable to specific referral goals. Consider gamifying these goals and incentivizing success — you can offer bonuses and prizes to the recruiters who meet and exceed their referral goals. 

If you’re still struggling to get recruiters to drive the program, make it easier for them to manage. 

An automated referral management platform can help offload some of their program-related tasks like sending outreach emails and keeping track of referrals and bonus payouts. You can also integrate this software with your ATS so your recruiters can manage the referral program without jumping over to a different platform.

For more tips and tricks on building a winning referral program, check out our free Referral Program Best Practices & Benchmarks eBook