This post features an excerpt from “Best Practices for Building a Leading Referral Program,” an article published on Staffing Hub on September 14, 2022.

There’s a reason staffing agencies say referrals are one of their most effective lead sources — they provide candidates who are faster to hire, are better qualified for the role, and stay on the job longer.  The challenge, however, is setting up a referral program that consistently delivers these high quality candidates.

Our VP of Customer Experience, Rachelle Arnold, recently authored an article highlighting several best practices staffing agencies can use to take their referral program to the next level.

Start with your audience. Think about the messaging, benefits, and values that your candidates respond to and use that to inform your referral program. Depending on your candidates’ preferences, you might want to adjust bonus amounts, program terms and conditions, and how you promote your program.

See the full article for more tips on building a successful referral program.