Catapult Healthcare Solutions knows how valuable referrals are when searching for talent in today’s competitive market, particularly in the healthcare industry. They already had a great referral culture in place, but they wanted to scale up without burdening their recruiters. That’s where Staffing Referrals came in, helping to automate outreach and communication so Catapult could get more referrals by working smarter, not harder. 

Rachelle Arnold, our Vice President of Customer Experience, was recently invited to talk about the benefits of automating the referral process on an episode of the Hire Solutions podcast from Catapult Solutions Group, where she talked with host Gabrielle Bejarano and President of Catapult Healthcare Solutions, Joseph Turner.

“Referrals now play more of an important role than ever, especially for fast-growing agencies like Catapult Healthcare,” Rachelle said. “Job board prices continue to increase. And you don’t want to keep dumping money into those places, because you’re buying the same population of applicants that your competitors are going after. With referrals, you’re able to truly have that competitive advantage because you’re cultivating your own network of people, your own talent pool that you can pull from.”

Listen to the full podcast episode or see the full interview below: