Bullhorn is “Our Single Source of Truth”

In this clip from the webinar How to Get Automated Referrals with Bullhorn & Staffing Referrals, Tim Glennie, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, BridgeView IT, discusses how crucial referrals are for building relationships, the role of automation in increasing his recruiters’ productivity, and how Bullhorn is his single source of truth.


Tim: When I look at digital transformation — it’s a newer term, but it’s a great process that has a great set of tools in it to really help solve business problems that we have within our industry.

So, what we do is look at use cases — we’re in a relationship business, which referrals are a huge piece of, and we want to take as much friction out of the processes as possible through using automation, so our team could be working to build the right relationships to get the right results for a client.

For me, it always starts with a single source of truth. In our case it’s Bullhorn, which is our ATS. We have over 300,000 candidates in there and 12,000 clients, and at the end of the day, everything has to come back to Bullhorn.

They’ve got a great open API that’s enabled the marketplace to take berth.

We’ve been an early adopter of it, whether through partners in the ecosystem there, or our own tools that we built out over 10 years ago off of the API.

Seeing companies like Herefish come up, from the early days, talking with Jason and Travis, and just realizing what’s possible.

They’ve really been a big game-changer in the space how we can view based on some different use cases: “Hey, you want to get in touch with candidates at a certain stage in the process and starting a nurturing campaign or get the right content to them or the right job at the right point in the process.”

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